About Us

Revitalise Your Body Mind Spirit!

Hello everyone!

Welcome To Body Mind Spirit.

In a nutshell “Body Mind Spirit” is a world which enables every individual / group to access a database of information, resources and tools to grow and develop in the levels of the Body Mind & Spirit.

We strive to provide unlimited supply of resources to benefit ones health and well being in the levels of Physical, mental & Metaphysical.

We Strive to create a progressive global community of like minded individuals / groups  that have interest in self progression and improvement.

We strive to provide online content; Reference Library * workshops / Seminars * topic discussions * Chat rooms * Blogs* Newsletters * Networking * Advertising * Online Stores / Subscriptions * Missionary / Charitable activities * Personal development retreats * Spiritual Pilgrimages * etc

Body Mind Spirit is non-sectarian. All are welcome to participate not considering nationality, religion, belief system, life status, skin color and cast or creed. Body Mind Spirit is for the benefit of all that live.

We Strive to provide a blissful world, in which you will not need to look anywhere else.

Body Mind Spirit is under construction * Please be patient * Please view our website regularly as we will constantly provide additions and new information.

Thank You Kindly

A message from the founder Spiros Tsiaousis – (aka) Sudarsana