The Founders Life Story

-: Sudarsanas Life Story aka Spiros Tsiaousis :-

I would like to share with you a little about my life story.

I was born in Manly Sydney Australia. My parents were migrants from Greece in an area called Tricala. The amazing thing they were from villages on the other side of the mountain and they met in Sydney Australia in the year of 1964. My father’s village was called.

And my mothers village was called.

The villages were only a few kilometres from each other.

So during this whole time of their childhood they never ever met. They only met on the other side of the world in a far distant place called Australia.

After one year my parents decided to get married and they had three children and I was the youngest.

My father was from a very religious family. My father had a younger brother who became a monk in the Monastery’s of Kalambaka, the high mountainous rocky regions with the beautiful churches and monasteries on top. That amazing place is featured in one of the earlier James Bond films.

And two of my fathers younger sisters became nuns as well in the monastery.

And my mother is from a very religious side as well. She is a regular attender of church and goes there on a weekly basis and sometimes a few times a week.

I remember one life changing events when my mum took me and my older two brothers to the Greek church at Crows Nest in Sydney Australia.

I remembered during that service I was looking at the statue of Jesus in the front of the church and then I started pointing at the statue and said to myself “I want to be just like you”

and then I repeated again

“I just want to be just like you”

and a third time I repeated

“I want to be just like you.”

During this period of my life I recall I was learning to think for myself and speak a little and walk. It was around the age of 2-3. I was not very developed as a child but I knew the goal of my life.

During this time I was absolutely inspired and knew my direction in life to become somebody that would do my little part to improve other peoples lives and my own life as well.

This special and mystical event created the foundation of my life as I know it today which is in assisting and improving the lives of others in relation to their body mind spirit and helping them to pursue their own goals, dreams and visions.

During my younger years I use to think a lot about my life, other peoples lives and the environment around me. I use to think a lot about the lives of my family members as well, namely my mother, father, and my two brothers.

I use to question things a lot as well.

I asked questions like:

What’s the purpose and goal of life?

Where have I come from?

Where am I going?

What will happen to us after this life?

What would it be the best way to live my life?

What is my part in this planet?

How could I live this life the best way I possibly can?

Is there a God?

And how would he want us to live?

And many other questions I would ask myself.

I would be in the search for the answers and I would find the answers either from within or an external lesson.

I would be going within myself and asking all these questions and asking for an answer.

I would be be praying and asking the universe and the creator for answers to all my questions.

All the answers to my questions came at different times in the early part of my life as well as to date. Actually I think I got the answers to my questions at exactly the right time that I needed the answers to manifest.

So I realised that I was guided every moment in my life. I was confident that there was a higher power guiding me and inspiring me to take the right steps and actions at any given point.

I remember when I was first going to school I was thinking, “what’s the purpose of all this and how would this help us not in this life but in the next?”

I was convinced that there was a continuity element to us. That there was a permanent aspect to our life. That there was no end. And each part of our life was part of our grand journey to perfection.

I remember at one point in my childhood when I was around about three or four years old. I was in the back of my mum and dads car and I was thinking about death. I was thinking that how sad it would be if my mother or father were to die.

I was asking myself all these questions. I felt great pain, sadness and depression while thinking these thoughts. Then I was thinking more deeply about this and then I realised to myself what if our life was eternal and if this body was just a machine, a vehicle that we were in and this machine has a duration of life just like the car we are in now.

I really thought and thought and thought about this concept and then I thought if this is real then why would we need to worry and be sad and depressed because were eternal. We could be always blissful, content, peaceful and confident.

And then I started to compare my thoughts.

The first thought when our body dies we die and then I would gauge the feeling I would get and I would always be feeling sadness, depression and pain.

And then I would start to think we are eternal and we live forever and there is not stop to life. And then I started to feel very very very blissfully happy, safe, secure and confident. So from this experiment as a young child I was convinced that we were eternal.

And during my childhood I performed many experiments like this. I would ask myself questions and then I would ask the higher power, the universe, the supreme to guide me into the answer. And then I would receive the answer either directly at that given time or at the right time a little later.

I’ve had so many experiences like this in my life. and I will be sharing some with you now and in future when u get to know me more.

Another experience was when I was in high school at a school in Manly called St Pauls College Manly. I had a teacher called Mr McKinnon and he was my pottery ceramics teacher as well as my religious education teacher. He was a lovely man.

From what I recall he was in his late 60s or early 70s. I was very drawn to him and I liked him a lot. I was very inspired by the religious class and I was always looking forward to going to it. One time Mr McKinnon pulled me to the side after class and he said;

” Spiros, theres something very special about you. I think that you’re going to grow up and become a spiritual leader and help the world or even become a priest. And I think what ever you will do you will help a lot of people.”

I replied;

“thank you so much for telling me that. I really appreciate what you said. This has inspired me very much. Actually I feel very strongly about this within my soul. And I feel this is my destiny and this will happen naturally.”

I remember through my high school life from years seven onwards. They were four classes in each year. So for example in year 7, there was four classes. And in year 8 there was four classes so on.

So at the beginning of each year there was a class voting. Each student put in a name of one other student in the class that they would like to become the class leader or what was called at that time “student prefect.”

And during this voting I was surprised to know that I was voted as the class captain. And once all of the class captains were selected there was a voting for who would be the year captain or year leader.

To my surprise again I was voted the year leader or captain. During this time I was thinking;

“Why was i selected?”

Actually I had no desire or motivation to be the year leader but it just happened so I accepted this as fate and service to my peers. I did the very best I could to be an inspiration for all the other fellow students and help them in any way I could and to be a good example for everyone in the year.

And this happened every year that i was at school, I was elected to be the year and the class leader and I kept on with my service of leading and inspiring the other fellow students to do their best and be their best.

I also recall that during these years at school that there were different groups of students that would associate together.

For example there was a group of surfers, they had their own interest which was surfing and they hung out together.

And then there was another group of students that associated together who were into athletics.

And there was another group of Gostick’s.

And there was an intellectual group.

And so all the students were associating in their own groups. Each student was staying in their own group and not leaving it to go into another group. So there were these divisions in every class and in every year at school.

So I naturally went and associated with everyone in every group and I became welcome everywhere. And I was visiting every group in this way. I was welcome and they welcomed me.

They were comfortable and I was comfortable as well. So I went through my schooling like this I was accepted by everyone and everyone except me as well……wholeheartedly. I realised that in my mind and heart I had no envy nor any judgement of anyone and in return they did not judge me and therefore accepted me.

And during my schooling I became good friends with the school principal as well as all the teachers. The School principal repeatedly said to me that you would become the school captain if you remain here at this school. He said that you have all the qualities and natural abilities we need for a school captain.

I also recall during my childhood that I loved to read spiritual, esoteric, philosophical religious books and doctrines. This was my main interest and passion.

In the age of 16 there was a life changing moment which was to create the foundation for my future. In devoting my life solely for studying and understanding the universe, the supreme, and helping others in relation to understanding the universal laws, assisting them to improve their body mind and spirit.

This event took place one Sunday morning after winning a surfing competition the day before. I was sitting down Manly Beach alone on the rock wall which was going across the whole beach. I was sitting and looking out to the sea and out to the horizon. I was crying in my heart and praying in the deepest and most intense way I have ever done in my entire life. I was crying and crying and crying and praying from within my soul to the supreme to please guide me here and now as to what is my life’s purpose and mission and what he wants me to do for the rest of my life.

Miraculously an answer was given to me at that exact point in time. My prayers and crying was answered. I was amazed. I was in awe and reverence as to how the universe answers our sincere cries.

A lady dressed in Indian sari and had three children with her, came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and said “would you like a book” I said “yes” and I received this book and I felt the Answer has come to me in the form of this book.

The book was called “Raja Vidya” in Sanskrit.

In English it was translated as “The King of Knowledge. I began to read the first page and immediately I realised that I had found the answer, and this answer created the foundation to my life’s mission.

So this childhood event created the foundation of my lifes, mission and purpose.

I completed school and I left home with nothing more than a small case and the cloths on my back and I joined the temple and became a monk. I departed for India in search of my teacher and master to fully train and enlighten me in knowledge and realisation of the absolute truth.

After some time I had found my eternal Teacher, Master and Guru. When I saw him I immediately realised he was my eternal spiritual teacher and guide. He trained me in the science of self realisation and knowledge of the absolute in relation to the universal laws which govern, control matter and spirit, within the material and spiritual realms.

I received my initiations from my spiritual master. He gave me my spiritual initiated name “Sudarsana” and i was instructed to teach, guide and uplift humanity and the planet.

This initiation was a mystical and life changing event in its self. I will explain to you now how it happened.

I was thinking what name my spiritual master would give me and I remembered and thought of a name that he could potentially call me. And the first name that came to my mind was Sudarsana and this name stuck to my mind and soul. I was fixated to this name. I could not think of any other name that he would call me. I became 100% committed.

So during this ceremony my Guru called me up and he said, “I initiate you and your name is Sudarsana.” I was excited and blissfully shocked at the same time.

Sudarsana means:

“Servant of the all attractive supreme being” also its the most powerful fire disc weapon of the lord called the “Sudarsana cakra”.

Also sudarsana creates all the universes, galaxies, eternality, knowledge and bliss in the material and spiritual realms.

Before the initiation I knew what my eternal spiritual name was and also my Guru did as well. It was one of the most amazing mystical, metaphysical and esoteric experiences I have ever had in my life.

I knew what my eternal representation was and also my Guru did as well. It was like all knowledge was revealed and I knew the past present and future.

After the ceremony my Guru called me into his room and I discussed this event with him. I said to him that I knew this was my eternal name and you called me this name as though were reading my mind and heart and he replied,

“Yes you were attracted to this name because it was your eternal spiritual name”.

So i embarked on this journey from birth till today.

I have created “Body Mind Spirit” tm . The teachings based on my life experiences, enlightenment, realisations and mystic events as well as the ancient hidden scriptures and scrolls. I have also incorporated the authorised and highest teachings from around the planet and beyond.

Welcome to ”Body Mind Spirit”!

The highest absolute Knowledge of the Body Mind and soul.

The art and science of living life at ones greatest potential and achieving your dreams, goals and vision to the fullest.