Mission plan for Body Mind Spirit by the founder Spiros Tsiaousis / Sudarsana  

The purpose of this mission is to uplift consciousness of this planet and help people, one person at a time and one step at a time.

As a monk I have been on this journey since I was a child, trying to uplift my own soul and understand the purpose my of life and the purpose of everyone else’s lives.

I was also looking at how we can best act in this world in this human form of life to be able to do the best for ourselves as Well as others and humanity at large.

I’ve been on this journey for over 45 years and counting.

The Body Mind Spirit Mission is a place to call home for each member and for humanity at large. Our members will have shelter, support and and be in a safe and warm home for life.

Body Mind Spirit mission stages:

Stage one:

  1. To create online and locational communities of people globally that genuinely and sincerely want to help themselves to progress their goals and purpose in life, And then progressively help others to do the same.

1b.   To elevate consciousness individually as Well as collectively, one person at a time and one step at a time.

1c.   Run webinars, online training, memberships, communities and events to inspire individuals and the masses to achieve their purpose in life and what they have been put on this planet to achieve.

Stage two:

2:   Create physical events starting with Sydney and then expanding into other regions, cities and states within Australia

Stage three:

3:   Raise $10 million for the purchase and launch of the first body mind spirit retreat located between one and two hours drive from Sydney CBD

Stage four:

4:   Launch our body mind spirit charity devoted to the rescuing of homeless individuals from the street that genuinely want to help themselves.

They will be invited to attend  our “body mind spirit re-creation program” and be taken through a re-creation process where they will be provided with all the training, mentorship, skills, abilities and a new mindset to be able to function progressively in this world where they would be able to keep a home, a job or career or create an income and do something wonderful for themselves and the people important to them in the community.

Stage five:

5: Purchase and create body mind spirit centres in every city and regions within Australia and run events and charity works.

Stage six:

6: Purchase and create body mind spirit centres in every city and regions globally and run events and charity works.

Stage seven:

7: Continue and grow the body mind spirit mission for every generation in the future and for the life of this planet.