Sometimes our own fears and biases prevent us from helping others. Keeping yourself closed in a shell of one’s burdens or stereotypes prevents you from seeing yourself from aside. The reality might be that the huge problems are only minor issues which can be solved easily. However, if we focus on them for too long they seem to be huge and impossible to solve. Also, focusing on negative thinking about other people prevents us from helping others too. On the contrary, when we help others we tend to forget about our problems and become more positive and happier. In such case, we simply don’t have time for negative thoughts.

Obviously, it is not possible to solve all the problems at once. However, if you concentrate on a problem for too long, you prevent yourself from helping yourself as well as others. Some problems need more time to be solved, others you just need to let go and forget, and still others you can ask for somebody’s help. Life is too short to spend it on trivial issues and negative thinking. We need to be positive and help others to be happy. Fortunately, some believe these simple rules work and they really do. Only thus we can reach positive mindset and become happy.

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