No matter what your nationality, skin color, gender, age, background, education, religion is, you are a part of the universe. It is impossible to imagine the existence of the universe without every individual who makes a contribution to the harmony and happiness laws of the universe. Mindful people are aware of these laws and make a conscious contribution, while others contribute unconsciously following their intuition or life calling. Obviously, the humanity is a part of nature and the universe. Taking into account the fact that happiness is part of the universe, it is part of each of us. The more happy people there are in the world, the greater the overall happiness of the universe is. Now, can you imagine a happy ‘you’ as part of the happy universe?

Even though happiness does not depend on the material or social status of a person, many of us complain about being unhappy. Routine activities, boring tasks, problems at work and home make people sad and miserable.  The majority of the population is so busy with their work responsibilities, family problems and else that they are unable to stop and see the beauty of the word, other people, nature and the universe. The Body Mind Spirit project is designed to help individuals to discover beauty and happiness which is flourishing side by side in every individual, every smile, every flower, every raindrop, every snowflake, every ant, and even the tiniest bacterium. Webinars and courses will give you an exceptional possibility to make a journey inwards and see the beauty of yourself which lies in harmony with the beauty of the universe. Don’t just envision “the happy you” in the happy universe, but start transforming into a happy person by registering for our course.