If you are a friendly person and are always eager to help your friends and relatives, and even strangers on the street, how lucky you are! There is always a cool feeling of fulfillment or accomplishment even after helping someone just a little. You know you helped them and they are thankful. The more such goodwill deeds you complete the happier you feel. However, not many people realize this simple truth about happiness in giving. You can bring the light to this world with your love, care, and compassion. That is the major secret of making the world a better place for living.
Body Mind Spirit mission is to help each person become happy uplifting the consciousness of the planet and making life better. A great number of happy people determine the happiness of the world altogether. In this project, our spiritual teacher and guru Spiros Tsiaousis will guide you in your journey inwards. You will discover your inner powers of which you are unaware. Be thankful and think positive thus you will be happy ultimately making the world a better place for living. Project courses and webinars are designed in a special way to guide you from your starting point and through the whole process of growing with us. Join our community of happy learners who are striving to make the world better and become happier yourself. All you need is register for our courses and start your wonderful journey and spiritual growth.