Happy people see life in bright colors while unhappy ones see it only in black and white shades. Your state of happiness greatly depends on your personality, way of thinking, attitude to other people etc. And the universe has much to offer to those who possess kind heart and generous soul.

Many people take for granted the strong bond between the universe and an individual. If you feel happy and positive, you are sending positive thoughts and messages into the universe. The more positive thoughts are sent the more you are receiving back.

Some people seem to be chasing happiness but cannot reach it anywhere. Others tend to confuse temporary feelings of pleasure with true happiness. They do not understand that happiness can be found in simple things like watching a child playing or taking the first steps, a butterfly hovering over a tulip, or a raindrop moving slowly down the window glass. The main point is how you perceive life and whether you truly enjoy the beauty of this moment here and now.

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